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This introductory course provides a simple and easy explanation of the long-term Medi- Cal application process. The course will cover special terms used in the in the application process, the procedure for completing and filing an application and a thorough overview of the post-filing verification process. The course will discuss the effective use of application processing services as an alternative to in-house processing.(For similar course in other states, click here.)
Course Content:
* What is an application for LTC Medi-Cal.
* When to file an application for LTC Medi-Cal.
* Where to file an application for LTC Medi-Cal.
* How to complete an application for LTC Medi-Cal.
* The verification process after an application for LTC Medi-Cal is filed.
* What types of verification requests to expect during the application process.  

* How using an outside vendor can maximize productivity.

Prerequisites: None (Introduction to Medi-Cal Planning is recommended but not required.)
On-Demand Online Class
Course Registration Fee
Access to the online CLE is $50
Michael Anthony, JD, CMP™, is one of the nation’s leading long-term care benefit eligibility experts. He is a former delegate to the White House Conference on Aging. He has authored the largest book in print on the subject of Medicaid/Medi-Cal Planning, the Medicaid Planning Guidebook.He regularly teaches CLE courses and lectures on the subject nationally.
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