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The Medicaid Planning Practice Starter Kit is available in all 50 states.  The kit is state-specific based on the shipping address.  If you practice in more than one state and would like additional resources added from a state other than the state of your shipping address, we will be happy to include the additional resources. Email after you place your order to request additional state resources.

Digital Contents:

Medicaid Rules and Regulations
- Links Page with hyperlinks to federal and state rules
- 42 USC 1396 searchable PDF
- 50-State Estate Recovery Guide

Client Engagement Resources
- Intake Form customizable PDF
- Sample Free Agreements hourly rate and flat-fee

Medicaid Annuity Resources
- Annuity quote request forms spousal and short term

Sample Medicaid Planning Documents
- Irrevocable Divestment Trusts (no-access and income-only templates)
- Qualified Income Trust/ Miller Trust template with instructions
- Family Caregiver Agreement template

Application Resources
- LTC Medicaid Application state form used to file assistance
- Application Assistance Intake Form for using Trivicus services 
Certification Resources
- CMP™ Candidate Handbook
- CMP™  Candidate Brochure
- CMP™  Study Guide with Sample Exam
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