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This 2-hour course goes in-depth on the Medi-Cal Planning process for a single patient in a nursing home. The entire process from inquiry to completion is discussed in great detail. Included in this case study is an actual fair hearing and final judgment in favor the applicant. (For a similar course in other states, click here.)
Course Content:
* Client intake and retention for a single nursing home patient with $500,000 in assets. 
* Case fact analysis and planning recommendations.
* Medi-Cal asset preservation planning alternatives within a single case.
* Executing the Medi-Cal eligibility plan step by step.
* Preparing and filing the Medi-Cal application.
* Dealing with an improper process denial.
* Requesting a fair hearing to overcome an improper denial.
* Winning the fair hearing, including a full breakdown of the administrative law judge’s opinion.
Prerequisites: None (Introduction to Medi-Cal Planning and Anatomy of a Medi-Cal Planning Case: Single Applicant are strongly recommended.)
On-Demand Online Class
Course Registration Fee
Access to the online CLE is $100
Michael Anthony, JD, CMP™, is one of the nation’s leading long-term care benefit eligibility experts. He is a former delegate to the White House Conference on Aging. He has authored the largest book in print on the subject of Medicaid Planning, the Medicaid Planning Guidebook. He regularly teaches CLE courses and lectures on the subject nationally.
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