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This 1-hour advanced course covers in detail the divestment rules on paying family members for care. Payments to family members are treated as penalty-causing divestments under long-term care Medi-Cal, but a person can pay a family member for home care under strict rules and with the use of a Medi-Cal-compliant family caregiver agreement. This course covers each of the internal elements of the agreement, as well as various external state requirements to validate the payment of a family member as a non-divestment activity. (For a similar course in other states, click here.)
MASTERY PLUS BONUS: All students who successfully complete this course will be provided a digital template of a Medicaid Compliant Family Caregiver Agreement . This sample template is also included in our Practice Starter Kit, which can be purchased by clicking here.
Course Content:
* Paying a family member for care causing divestment.
* Use of family caregiver agreements to defeat divestment penalty.
* Structure of family caregiver agreements.
* Determining the scope of care for the family caregiver agreement.
* Setting the payment rate for care under the family caregiver agreement.  

* Tax implications of paying a family member for care.
* The effects of family caregiver agreements on VA benefits.
* External documentation needed to validate a family caregiver agreement.

Prerequisites: None (Introduction to Medi-Cal Planning is strongly recommended.)
On-Demand Online Class
Course Registration Fee
Access to the online CLE is $450
Michael Anthony, JD, CMP™, is one of the nation’s leading long-term care benefit eligibility experts. He is a former delegate to the White House Conference on Aging. He has authored the largest book in print on the subject of Medicaid Planning, the Medicaid Planning Guidebook. He regularly teaches CLE courses and lectures on the subject nationally.
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