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Is Medi-Cal Planning Right
For You?

MAY 31, 5 PM EST


Course Contents Include:

- Understanding Medi-Cal Long-Term Care

- Medi-Cal Eligibility Rules and Procedures

- Divestment Penalties and Divestment Planning

- Medi-Cal Eligibility  Asset Protection Strategies

- Income Eligibility and Calculating the Monthly Share of Cost

- Nursing Home Medi-Cal v. In Home Supportive Services for Home Care

- Applying for Medi-Cal

- Medi-Cal Estate Recovery Avoidance

1-Hour CLE, $50



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Michael Anthony, JD, CMP™, is one of the nation’s leading long-term care benefit eligibility experts. He is a former delegate to the White House Conference on Aging. He has authored the largest book in print on the subject of Medicaid/Medi-Cal Planning, the Medicaid Planning Guidebook. He regularly teaches CLE courses and lectures on the subject nationally.


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