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This 2-hour course covers the fair hearing process for long-term care Medicaid. The entire fair hearing process is discussed, including how to request a fair hearing, representing an applicant at fair hearing and proper uses of a fair hearing. This course will help the student understand the difference between a substance denial and a process denial. This course will provide winning strategies for overcoming wrongful determinations. (For similar course in California, click here.)
Course Content:
* What is a Medicaid fair hearing.
* When is it appropriate to request a Medicaid fair hearing.
Different uses of a Medicaid fair hearing.
* Who can represent an applicant/recipient at a Medicaid fair hearing.
* What is an improper denial and the difference between a substance denial and a process denial.
* Most common types of process denials.
* Advocacy strategies at fair hearing.
* How to overcome a negative ruling at fair hearing.

Prerequisites: None (Introduction to Medicaid Planning is recommended but not required.)

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Michael Anthony, JD, CMP™, is one of the nation’s leading long-term care benefit eligibility experts. He is a former delegate to the White House Conference on Aging. He has authored the largest book in print on the subject of Medicaid Planning, the Medicaid Planning Guidebook. He regularly teaches CLE courses and lectures on the subject nationally.
Access to the online CLE is $50
CLE Policy: This course was approved by the Supreme Court of Ohio Commission on CLE for course accreditation. We will provide all attorneys a certificate of attendance and any necessary supporting material (i.e. course outline, slide deck presentation, course summary, etc.) so they can self-apply for CLE credits, as needed. This program is open to attorneys and non-attorneys. This course is not approved for insurance CE.
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